Still Accepting Kindergarten Registrations

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welcome_to_kindergartenWe are still accepting registrations for our next generation of Monarchs! Children who were born in 2011 eligible for Kindergarten in September 2015.  It is important that we receive Kindergarten registration information as soon as possible as this information is used by our school board to staff our school.

Starting Kindergarten is a very exciting stage of life for young children and their families. Our aim is to support this time and make the transition to school as smooth and pleasant as possible. Teachers and Early Childhood Educators welcome all children into their classrooms and gently introduce them to the kindergarten environment.  Spring Kindergarten orientation sessions will make both adults and children feel more at ease. Children will be given time to become familiar with the new materials, the new activities and to make friends. Gradually, the children will gain a sense of comfort and belonging because they have learned the routines, the school layout and the people they meet each day.

When attending your appointment to register your child in Kindergarten, please bring:

  • Proof of age
  • Ontario Health Card
  • Child’s Immunization Record
  • Name and Telephone Number of Family Doctor
  • Names and phone numbers of family members or friends that we can contact in case of emergency

Please start collecting the necessary documents so that they are readily available.  The school must have a record of each of these before your son/daughter may attend in September.

Students attending Kindergarten this year are not required to register again for next year.