Teacher Gift Idea??

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Did you know?

  • Kids learn better with full tummies
  • Mariposa School has a Nutrition Program
  • Every class has a snack bucket delivered each day
  • All 364 students have the opportunity to have a healthy snack
  • We spend $450 per week on healthy snacks
  • All money is raised through donations


How Can I Help?

The Staff at Mariposa understand the importance of a Healthy Snack program and see the difference that it is making for our students. During this Holiday Season we understand that many families like to give a token of appreciation to staff.  In lieu of this we would invite you to make a donation to the Mariposa Nutrition Program.

How will teachers know that we have given a gift?

Certificates are available so your children still feel like they are giving a gift to their teacher. They can be picked up in the school office or printed online from this link. Food Program Certificates.  These can be presented to teachers with a Christmas card in lieu of a gift.

How Can I Make a Donation?

You can make a donation in the office during school hours.

Thank you from the Mariposa Staff