Feed All Four Feedback

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At Trillium Lakelands, we developed the initiative Feed All Four due to our ongoing need to align teaching and learning with safe and accepting schools, mental health, healthy active living and student well-being.

At its heart, Feed All Four is a “way of being” that engages our students and staff in looking at wellness through the new lens of feeding the body, mind, spirit and emotions every day.

We have seen a ground-swell of interest: since being shared with a few schools early in the 2014-15 school year, we now see most TLDSB schools engaging staff and students in this balanced approach.

Research indicates that supporting the body, mind, spirit and emotions of an individual increases a sense of well-being, connectedness and resilience. It also improves student achievement. Each of these elements needs to be fed consistently to optimize achievement and well-being.

This is a feedback opportunity with our school community – staff, parents, students, community members. This is a super-quick survey that will help us determine our next steps in supporting the work of Feed All Four.

Feed All Four Feedback Survey March 2016