Introducing the School Council

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Thank-you to so many for putting forward your name to be part of the school council. Below you will find the names of the 2016-17 School Council. 

The next meeting is November 7, 2016 in the Library. Everyone is welcome!  You don’t have to be on the council to come out to the meetings. 

Heidi Flowers (Chair)

Cheryl Crowe (Co-Chair)

Kim McKay (Secretary)

Heidi Adams (Treasurer)

Nancy Nicholson 

Theresa Wilimek

Kim Hill

Adrienne Scrivens-Firth

Carrie Jenkins

Sascha Kylau

Genna McGill

Shauna Glasgow

Jennifer Bellefeuille

Kristi Quinn

Janette White

Mandy Morrison

Shelley Bagshaw

Carey Stacey

Sheena Brown

Michelle Reis

Jill O’Brien

Darlene Corneil

Leanne Ashton

Brooke McCarthy

Vicki Periera (teacher rep)

Melissa MacEachern (vice-principal)

Maxine Jordan (principal)