Week of Feb. 13-17

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There is so much going on this week that I thought I would send out a quick overview. 


Welcome vice principal Ms. Murphy.

Candy grams on sale second lunch for 50 cents. 

Jimmy Chapman is here.


Red, white and pink day—how are you going to show your school spirit?

Happy Valentine’s Day—-different activities are happening in the classrooms to celebrate. 

Candy grams on sale first lunch for 50 cents and will be delivered during second lunch. 


Speak Off in the gym at 9:30 for grades 4-8. 


Le Carnaval—carnival type activities are planned as long as the weather conditions continue. Your child will be outside for most of the day. Please remind your child to dress for the weather. 

Arby’s lunch for those that ordered. 


Report cards or Communication of Learning go home with all students. 

Ski/Snowboard/Tubing day for students in grade 4-8 that signed up. 

Also, skipping and basketball try-outs have started or are starting this week. Please have your child talk to the staff member responsible for the activity if they need information. Thanks staff for making these extra curriculars happen. 

Family Day is Monday, February 20th. Enjoy the day!