Jr/Int Electives

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Mariposa Electives

Students will leave at the beginning of first lunch 11:15am. They will return at approximately 5:45pm. Please register online if you haven’t done so already. Thank you to Mandy Morrison for all of the time and effort she has put into this opportunity. Please drop off skiing and snowboarding equipment at the school. Students cannot take equipment on the bus.

Skating /Curling
Grade 4/5 students will skate first and then go curling. Students will leave Mariposa at 12:00pm. The bus will drop them off at the arena. Students will skate upon arrival until 1:20pm. Students will then walk over to the curling rink with staff support the curling rink. Students will curl from 1:40pm – 3:15pm. The bus will then pick up the students and return to the school for buses at the end of the school day.
Grade 6/7/8 students will curl first and then skate. The bus will drop them off at the curling club. Students will curl upon arrival until 1:30pm. They will then walk over to the hockey arena to skate until approximately 3:00pm. The bus will pick them up before picking up students at the curling club and return to the school for buses at the end of the school day.
Students must have skates and a helmet to skate. They must wear a helmet to curl. The curling club has graciously offered to let us use sliders.

Mother Nature hasn’t really co-operated with this plan. Since snowshoeing requires snow and we do not have much, we have modified our plans. We have booked the pool for Friday afternoon. Students will leave school at 12:00pm. They will swim from 12:30 – 1:30pm. They will return to the school for lunch and recess. They will then participate in planned activities for the remainder of the day. Permission forms will be going home tomorrow with students. Please sign and return to the school ASAP. We are asking for $5.00/student to help offset the cost of the bus and pool rental. Our goal is for all students to participate in an activity. We will not be providing programming at the school. We do not want barriers to limit student participation. If there is a barrier preventing your child from participating please sign the permission form and return it to the school so your child can participate or contact the school directly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Stone directly. Thank you.