15th Annual Mariposa School Council’s “Shoppers Delight”

On December 17, 2019, students will have the opportunity to take part in our 15th Annual Christmas Shoppers Delight.

This is a rummage sale, but a rummage sale with a difference. Everyone benefits. The younger students benefit by choosing a gift for someone special and purchasing them at the cashier. These are great decision-making skills, not to mention the pure joy and excitement they get from this experience. The older students benefit by helping others. All proceeds from the sale are donated to help families in our school community in need this Christmas.

This activity allows students to purchase items for their family members at the price of 25 cents an item. We encourage students to make a shopping list of those they would like to buy for and bring enough money for those purchases. As the whole school is participating, we do ask that students purchase for their IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY.

Our parent volunteers will act as sales clerks. Any parent wishing to volunteer please leave your name at the office. Our junior and intermediate classes will act as “shopping guides” to the younger students at the sale and will help them wrap their treasures to take home.

Shoppers Delight- Christmas - Mariposa - TLDSB


Items for Dad seem to always fall a little short so don’t forget about Dad when sending in your treasure donations this year!

We are looking for any items that would make great gifts provided they are clean and not too big as students must be able to carry their purchases home with them on the bus. We do ask that no clothing items or stuffed animals be sent in.

We would appreciate any donations that you may be able to send in for the sale to allow all students to enjoy a great shopping experience.

We thank you for your anticipated support and generosity in what has become an exciting Christmas tradition at Mariposa. Items can be dropped off at the school office anytime or sent in with students.

Please check those drawers, attics, cupboards and let’s make our annual “Shoppers Delight” a fun and interesting place to shop… not to mention you get to pass on your great “Treasures of Antique Junk!”

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and support.

Mariposa School Council Elves