Important Update To TLDSB Covid-19 Protocols

The purpose of this post is to provide some information around new protocols and routines for students who have been kept home, or who have been sent home, with Covid symptoms. The TLDSB and our local health unit (HKPR) have developed this update.

This new protocol takes effect on Monday, October 19, 2020

Attestation Form

Our local health unit and the TLDSB now requires parents/guardians to complete an online attestation when a child is ill and that parents/guardians must complete the attestation once it is determined the child can attend schools again (in alignment with COVID-19 protocols and the child’ health status) but prior to the child actually returning. The attestation applies to student(s) who have been absent due to an illness that includes common COVID-19 symptoms. The attestation for the TLDSB will be done via a Google Form.

A reminder that the TLDSB’s Return To School Plan has a section on students returning to school after demonstrating Covid-19 symptoms.


In a situation where a student has been sent home due to Covid symptoms or who has been kept home by the parent/guardian due to Covid symptoms, the school will email the Google Form link to the parent/guardian.

Please be aware that a student in the above situations CANNOT return to school until the attestation has been completed by a parent or guardian.

Student Kept Home For Illness Not Related To Covid Symptoms

In a situation where a student has been kept home due to illness NOT related to Covid-19 symptoms, the Google Form link won’t be sent to you and the attestation does not have to be filled out (e.g. a student who has injured themself or who is sick for reasons that do not include Covid symptoms).


We appreciate your understanding as we continue to refine practices based on TLDSB and our local health unit’s requirements.