January 2021 Return to School

Dear Monarch Families,

We hope this message finds you rested and healthy after our holiday break. Happy New Year!

We are excited to connect with our students again on Monday, January 4, 2021. However, it will look different as all publicly funded schools in Ontario will move temporarily to remote learning starting on January 4. Although Mariposa ES will be closed during the week of January 4-8, learning will continue for our students via [email protected] remote classes. The school is scheduled to return to in-class learning on January 11.

During this time, all students have access to an online classroom using Google Classroom or Seesaw. The school day schedule will continue to be followed, and the curriculum will be delivered via a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning instruction.

  • On Monday, January 4, educators will be reaching out to families to support:
    how to access the work for the day that is posted online
  • the daily schedule (see link to schedule here)
  • other learning opportunities during the week

The focus on Monday will be communication and support. Please use this opportunity to clarify any questions you may have with your child’s teacher.

Beginning on Tuesday, January 5, our goal will be to follow the established school day schedule. Classes will start at 9:15 on Google Classroom or See Saw. Student learning will be provided for large and small groups of students each day, similar to in-person classroom teaching. The format includes teachers instructing and connecting with students in real-time. This also involves students working independently and in small groups in their virtual classroom while their teacher monitors their learning and is available for questions.

We will follow our established lunch/recess schedule (10:55-11:35 and 1:35-2:15), with our school day ending at 3:35. Attendance will be taken, and students are expected to participate in the learning.

Individual classes’ and students’ school days will look different. The goal is for students to have a learning experience that equates to the 300-minute instructional day in a normal school day. However, teachers will be available to support students for:

  • 180 minutes for Kindergarten students
  • 225 minutes for grades 1 to 8 students

This does not mean that your child’s teacher will be in a Google Meet for 225 minutes with the entire class or your child. The typical student’s day might look like one or more full-class Google Meets or teleconferences of varying length and one or more small-group Google Meets or teleconferences. This may also include some individual Google Meets/teleconferences/emails. Not every student will necessarily have individual meetings with the teacher each day. Communication may be conducted with students in a variety of ways, depending on the age of students. Students may do quite a bit of independent work along with the teacher providing periodic feedback in several ways.

Our hope is that we will see all of our smiling Monarchs coming through our school’s doors on Monday, January 11. We will update you should any further information become available.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we navigate these times together.

Kind regards,

David Sornberger, Principal
Cathy Welch, Vice Principal