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TLDSB has updated information available for parents here.  This includes information for students with Autism, Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Challenges and other areas of interests. Links are also provided to Ministry of Education information.


New Health/Physical Education Curriculum

For Information regarding the new H/PE Curriculum, please use the following links: Grades 1 to 6  or Grades 7 to 12


OPP – Child Identification

OPP – Child Identification


Ways of Solving Problems with a School Without Conflict


Thinking about attending that field trip with your child’s class?

All school volunteers (including those just going on class trips) need to complete a one-time Criminal Background Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening, and then annually fill out an Offence Declaration at school.  There is no charge to get a Criminal Record Check done as long as you obtain a letter from the school’s office stating that you require the the record check for volunteer purposes.  Please remember that the process can take a few weeks so plan well ahead for trips.  If your child(ren) change schools, you can provide a written request for us to forward your Criminal Background Check and Annual Offence Declarations to the new school.

Call the office for more information or to see if you are up-to-date.

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